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Cambodia is a country in mainland South-east Asia. The landmass is bisected by the Mekong River, which at 486 km (302 mi) is the longest river in Cambodia. After extensive rapids, turbulent sections and cataracts in Laos, the river enters the country at Stung Treng province, is predominantly calm and navigable during the entire year as it widens considerably in the lowlands. The Mekong's waters disperse into the surrounding wetlands of central Cambodia and strongly affect the seasonal nature of the Tonlé Sap Lake. The bowl's bottom represents Cambodia's interior, about 75 percent, consisting of alluvial flood-plains of the Tonlé Sap basin, the lower Mekong River and the Bassac River plain, whose waters feed the large and almost centrally located wetlands. As humans preferably settle in these fertile and easily accessible central lowlands, major transformations and widespread cultivation through wet-rice agriculture have over the centuries shaped the landscape into distinctive regional cultivated lands. Domestic plants, such as sugar palms, Coconut trees and banana groves almost exclusively skirt extensive rice paddies, as natural vegetation is confined to elevated lands and near waterways. The Mekong traverses the north to south-east portions of the country, where the low-lying plains extend into Vietnam and reach the Eastern Sea at the Mekong Delta region.

Cambodia Mekong River Cruises

Top Mekong River Cruises in Cambodia
Toum Tiou Cruise

Cruise company: Compagnie Fluviale du Mékong

Cruise type: Midrange, Sharing, 10 cabins

From: $1,566 /pax
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RV Mekong Princess

Cruise company: Haimark

Cruise type: Luxury, Sharing, 12 cabins

From: $2,353 /pax
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Amadara cruise

Cruise company: Amawaterways

Cruise type: Luxury, Sharing, 76 cabins

From: $4,398 /pax
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Pandaw Mekong

Cruise company: The Irrawaddy Flotilla Company

Cruise type: Luxury, Sharing, 33 cabins

From: $1,756 /pax
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All Mekong River Cruises in Cambodia

From: $1,566 /pax

Toum Tiou Cruise

Company: Compagnie Fluviale du Mékong

Type: Midrange, Sharing, 10 cabins

Toum Tiou’s steel hull and sleek low draft make it the only true vessel that sails the Mekong....

From: $556 /pax

Mekong Dawn Cruise

Company: Mekong Dawn

Type: Midrange, Sharing, 8 cabins

Built in 2014 with natural materials by experts in ship building and designed by famous...

From: $33 /pax

Phocea Mekong

Company: Phocea Mekong

Type: Day, Private

The Phocea, formerly Deauville, is a traditional wood construction boat, built in 1999 was...

From: $2,353 /pax

RV Mekong Princess

Company: Haimark

Type: Luxury, Sharing, 12 cabins

The RV Mekong Princess is elegantly furnished, intimate and spacious throughout the public areas....

From: $34 /pax

Tara River Boat

Company: Tara

Type: Day, Sharing

Your journey takes place aboard a beautiful hand crafted river boat, exquisite wooden decking runs...

From: $1,222 /pax

The Jahan

Company: Heritage Line

Type: Luxury, Sharing, 26 cabins

The newest member of the Mekong River Boat Collection and a baby brother to the famous Jayavarman,...

From: $4,122 /pax

Aqua Mekong Cruise

Company: Aqua Mekong Cruise

Type: Luxury, Sharing, 20 cabins

Built into a sophisticated five-star hotel in 2014 by Saigon based British architect David Hokinson...

From: $4,398 /pax

Amadara cruise

Company: Amawaterways

Type: Luxury, Sharing, 76 cabins

Ms. AmaDara built 2015 is the newest ship on Mekong River. Operate cruise...

From: $1,756 /pax

Pandaw Mekong

Company: The Irrawaddy Flotilla Company

Type: Luxury, Sharing, 33 cabins

Pandaw Cruise teams included luxury ships was launched from 2008 and they offer a real adventure...

From: $1,836 /pax

Jayavarman Cruise

Company: Heritage Line

Type: Luxury, Sharing, 27 cabins

The majestic Jayavarman is considered the father in Heritage Line’s “family” of...
Scenic Spirit

Company: Scenic Cruises

Type: Luxury, Sharing, 36 cabins

We are excited for the first sailing of our brand new ship, the Scenic Spirit, in January 2016. This...
Mekong Prestige II

Company: Mekong Waterways

Type: Luxury, Sharing, 32 cabins

Being a state-of-the art brand new ship, Mekong Prestige II Cruise is designed with fashionable...

From: $3,963 /pax

RV Indochine I Cruise

Company: Compagnie Fluviale du Mékong

Type: Midrange, Sharing, 22 cabins

The Indochine river vessel offers a cruise – luxurious, stylish and cozy - on the Mekong. This...
RV Indochine II Cruise

Company: Compagnie Fluviale du Mékong

Type: Midrange, Sharing, 30 cabins

The Indochine river vessel offers a cruise – luxurious, stylish and cozy - on the Mekong. This...
Mekong Adventurer Cruise

Company: Mekong Waterways

Type: Luxury, Sharing

Newly launched and limited to only sixty guests, the Mekong Adventurer sets the benchmark for luxury...
Sat Toung

Company: Phocea Mekong

Type: Midrange, Sharing, 4 cabins

The Sat Toung: Boat launched in December 2012, benefited from a complete refitting in May 2017 to be...
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